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Specialist Mould Solutions

Longford Precast and Prestressed Concrete Products Ltd. have provided a mould manufacturing service for over 20 years.  Our Engineering Specialists design and manufacture precast product moulds to meet internal and external project requirements.


We can customize the product, as per our clients’ specifications.  All moulds are manufactured from quality inspected materials and are exported globally.


Longford Precast has always been at the forefront of technology application within the construction sector.  Our skilled design team, based on-site at facility in Drumlish, use the latest computer aided technology to design the required product moulds.  AutoCAD and 3D CAD technology are used to deliver an accurate visualisation of the finished product.


We have the equipment and resource capability to meet all project requirements.  Many of the projects we secure are complex challenging contracts, where there is a demand for our specialist skills.


Our resource capability is one of the key factors that has supported the strategic growth of this service.